Money Formula Review

Make money formula is a necessity. Make money should be easy. Is there a magic make money formula that guarantees that we can make money online simple? Well maybe not guaranteed but a simple make money formula consists mainly of 3 major ingredients.

Bruce Walker Money Formula

money formulaIngredient number 1 of the make money formula is the search engine optimization or SEO. It starts with registering a domain name that is more effective for internet marketing if it contains the main keyword we want to obtain top ranking positions on major search engines. The purpose is for the search engines not only to find that our website exists but that is relevant to some major keywords and by time to appear high on search results for many phrases that people use when they are online. There are a lot of things said and written about SEO. Some of them claim that SEO is difficult and too expensive. Some SEO companies charge a lot of money for guaranteed top 10 rank positions for certain keywords while others claim that in a very short time your website can appear on top positions on search engines out of nowhere. The main truth is that SEO takes time and is not an easy task. But good news is that basic and crucial characteristics that a website must have to be optimized for search engines are free. If you make a search for free SEO ebook, free SEO techniques or software many excellent articles or blogs appear that cover all elementary aspects of search engine optimization.

Why pay a lot of money when you can apply yourself important features and gain many positions on search engines for certain keywords? Start with basic free stuff and then later on if you wish proceed with paid professional SEO advice or services. A website without SEO techniques applied is simply a boat travelling without destination. It has no purpose and no clear make money strategy.

Ingredient number 2 of the make money formula is to get many links pointing to our website or blog. The more links the better it is for our internet business. This is an internet marketing rule that states search engines rank websites based on many factors, one of which is the amount of links they have. More links make any website

more relevant and important to search engines and there is a huge difference being on page 10 versus being on page 1 or 2 for a specific phrase. So how do we obtain links? Some link building ideas are:

· Submitting a website to directories, both free and paid

· Having a blog and adding a link to your site in each post. Imagine after 1000 posts having links to your site from your blog. There is also the compounding effect of links with blogs which is simply getting multiple links to your site if other bloggers like what you write and add a link from their blog to your blog. Blog communities are a typical example of this link compound effect.

· Writing and distributing press releases announcing important events that concern your online business

· Apply a link exchange strategy with other relevant websites

It is important to understand that link building should be a never ending procedure and a weekly, monthly or even better daily action and routine.

Ingredient number 3 of the make money formula is getting traffic from ingredients 1 and 2 and converting it to sales and money. Statistics and analytics play a very important role to any online business and evaluating and experimenting with your website in terms of how to find ways to get more traffic and convert it to money is very important. Test changes like the tone of your text, headlines, offers, colors, synonyms and action to take your visitors. Analyze which pages attract more visitors or how long do people stay on your site and think of additional pages that you could to make your website more appealing, interesting and convincing. Traffic without conversion will not help you making a lot of money with the exception of revenue from advertisements. Test even the appearance of your website from too formal to more casual and analyze which look your visitors want.

A final note to all 3 ingredients of the make money formula is that action should be a daily routine. It takes time for new websites to rank high on search results so if you have little traffic test as many changes as possible and later on apply only ideas that work with statistics and analytics. The make money formula therefore is SEO + links + traffic = money.


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